About us


Dvout  is all about the modern woman who embodies elegance,femininity , sophistication and luxury . Every piece is custom made in  Perth Western Australia  using innovative techniques and craftsmanship. Being a modern brand , she is always  introducing a new take on eveningwear. Each dress  is thoughtfully designed so it can be integrated into your wardrobe and treasured for a long time 

The Designer

Ursula Kujeke  is a self-taught couture/ bridal  designer  and  custom dressmaker residing in Perth Western Australia. She   decided  to take on the fashion industry after  she designed her own dresses due to her struggle with finding clothes that fit her body shape   when shopping and  now wants  to help more women with the same struggle   and also share this talent with the world  . This inspired   her to evolve her  own unique techniques. In 2017, she set up a home studio where her dreams are becoming reality and in 2020 she ventured into the bridal industry .